Equipment for handling mud, polluting sludge, etc... indicated for underwater excavations in difficult areas such as quarry, river, sea, etc.. Constructed with Hardox steel to ensure strength, long life and moderate weight. The operation is made by hydraulic pistons of big dimensions. In the environmental dredging it is essential  to remove the polluting sediment evenly.


Share capital: €15000,00
Tax code and VAT number: 02833690361
R.E.A (Economic and Admin. Reg.): 335442
Co-partners: Negrini Gino, Negrini Massimo


Tel. +39/ 059/ 923110
Fax +39/ 059/ 920378


Registered office and facility 1 site:
Via Torricelli 4
41013 Castelfranco Emilia
Modena - ITALIA

Facility 2 site:
Via Ramelli 11 
41013 Castelfranco Emilia
Modena - ITALIA